One of us is next
Updated: 12/2/2020
One of us is next

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  • 18 months after the events of the first book took place Maeve, Knox, and Phoebe's lives are like any other 12th grader's life: simple.
  • One of us is Next byKaren M.McManus
  • Maybe it's because she' not a girl
  • Sadly that all ends when the social media game Truth or Dare gets exposed to the whole school. Phoebe fails to take her dare and her darkest secret about betraying her sister Emma, by getting involved with her boyfriend gets revealed. It also gets revealed that the real reasons Knox and Maeve broke up last year was because he wasn't attracted to her.
  • How am I gonna go to school tomorrow...
  • I don't have a relationship with him. I only just learned his name downstairs.
  • I never meant to hurt you... it's just there was a party at Derek's house-
  • Why. How?!!!(Emma speaks first)
  • Brandon, Sean, Jules, and Monica were all at a construction when Brandon got dared to to cut through and jump over to the other side. Unfortunately when he crossed, the roof fell in causing him to plunge straight to his death. Additionally, Knox somehow ended up falling alongside Brandon but amazingly survived with minor injuries and a concussion.
  • Bronwyn come on!!!
  • Knox and Maeve follow a guy named Jared Jackson, who which they suspect to be the mastermind behind the Truth or Dare game, to Eli and Aston's wedding rehearsal. When they get there, they notice that Jared places a strange backpack under the deck that the dinner is being held. When he leaves they quickly look inside only to find a makeshift bomb. They manage to get a way into the field behind the celebration and throw it as far as possible. Before it goes off minutes later, scorching the side of Nate's arm as him and Bronwyn (Maeve"s sister and her boyfriend) thought it would a good idea to lounge by the trees and look at the stars.
  • Nate's with her! This isn't helping!
  • Emma's in the hospital sick after she'd been throwing up and drinking for the past few days. Phoebe's by her side when a nurse warns her that there's been a bomb at a wedding rehearsal. She goes to see who's been hurt and finds Nate and Bronwyn and a couple of other people from the dinner huddled in the lobby. When Phoebe gets back to the room there's a detective waiting for her. He interviews her and explains how she's somehow linked to Jared. He also tells her that her dad's death was actually caused by Brandon. Whom was playing with construction work at her dad's job a couple years ago that crumbled on him.
  • We need to understand your relation with Jared Jackson.
  • At the hospital Emma confessed to Phoebe and the detective that she was the one who was messaging Jared Jackson in an attempt to get justice for her father. She said she stopped messaging him once she realized how twisted he was but he kept on giving people dares. The anxiety of feeling at fault for Brandon's death led to her drinking. Even tho Emma was basically at fault for his wedding rehearsal disaster, Eli suggested to her to get a lawyer to back up her story.