Scince SE

Updated: 8/19/2021
Scince SE

Storyboard Text

  • Harry! Have you brought the ball?
  • Yeah, Of course it's in my hand
  • Wait...Where is Jennifer
  • So let start playing
  • She might have gone to call some more friends because we are only four.
  • So guys meet our new friends John, Mickey, Angel, Ana
  • Hii Guys...
  • I would like to take Peter, Mickey and Angel
  • OK! I would then take the left once...
  • This is due to the first law of motion which says that a body will remain a rest until any external force is applied on it
  • Guys wait actually I was having a doubt that why isn't the ball moving
  • Yeah and it is also called as The law of Inertia
  • Ohh OK thank you guys for telling me this