spanish colonization

Updated: 10/7/2021
spanish colonization

Storyboard Text

  • Sadly, he failed and went back to West Texas for a decade to keep telling people to to go back to East Texas
  • Hildalgo said¨ Im going to go to East Texas and start missions¨
  • Later on they went back and failed again
  • 10 years later
  • Aguayo said¨ Let the Aguayo expedition begin¨.
  • ¨Lets start with missions¨
  • 3rd time is a charm
  • ¨Lets teach the Natives here¨
  • ¨ Good idea we will teach them to trade and our religion¨
  • ¨we need to protect the missions lets make presidios¨
  • ¨We should start settlements close to our mission to help colonize our new territory ¨
  • ¨Awesome idea we can make towns,ranches and small villages and even ranch cattle¨
  • ¨Yay we succeeded we have missions, presidios, and settlements¨