Unknown Story
Updated: 11/17/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising action
  • Me and my brother were playing battling each other in Fortnite
  • Climax
  • Me and my brother were playing battling each other in Fortnite and I was loosing my by 5 points, there wasn’t much time left and I didn’t know what to anymore. All of a sudden there was a power serge through our neighborhood and the Nintendo switch started to glow up more than usual,my controlled that was connected to the switch shocked me.
  • Falling action
  • Alyssa,” Ow, what the heck, what was that?” Alex,” probably just a small power serge.” “ That was weird but as long as my game still works I’m fine,” thought Alyssa. We continue to play and Alex scored another point. Playfully, I push him over and laughed, Alex thinks,” Ow,that hurt.” Alyssa,” Oh sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you."......
  • Resolution
  • Here I’ll just test Alex by asking him to think about things and I will guess what he is thinking about, simple. Alyssa,” Hey Alex, can we play a guessing game?” Alex,” Why we are literally playing fortnite right now can’t it wait?” Alyssa,” Please just 3 questions.” Alex,” Fiiiiine.” Alyssa,” Ok so just think of something very random,” ........
  • guess I can read minds? How did this even happen? Well at least now I know his every next move and I can beat him.
  • Being able to read minds won’t be that bad.