The Cause of the Civil War Project- SS
Updated: 11/6/2018
The Cause of the Civil War Project- SS
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  • Compromise of 1850 - Popular Sovereignty
  • Slave
  • Free
  • Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
  • No, I have not sir.
  • Please don't let him see this boy!
  • Please don't let him see me!
  • Have you crossed paths with any runaways?
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin - 1852
  • Yes, hurry and come in.
  • Could you please help me, I'm so tired and hungry.
  • The Compromise of 1850 was California wanting to come into the Union as a free state, but that would go against the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise was anything above the 36'30 Line would be free, and anything below would be slave territory with the Missouri exception. So, they brought in California as a free state, and also brought in the Fugitive Salve Act.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 / Bleeding Kansas
  • No Slavery here!
  • More Slavery!
  • The Fugitive Slave Act was where any runaway in the North could be captured by a citizen, or slave catcher, and brought back into slavery. It was considered bias toward the South because returning a runaway got you a reward bigger than giving a slave their freedom. If you got caught helping a fugitive then, you could face the punishment of a 1,000 fine and/or 6 months in prison. The only true free place for runaways was Canada.
  • Dred Scott Decision of 1857
  • No! Now be quiet!
  • We're in free territory would you please let me go?
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin was a book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. The book was very popular, with about 300,000 copies sold, and changed people's views on slavery. The book was about how slavery was evil and the Fugitive Slave Act was unjust. She got the idea to write the book after an encounter with a runaway on the Underground Railroad. She became famous for writing this book, and traveled to England, and was known as a literary hero.
  • Lincoln - Douglas Debates of 1858
  • We are all equal apart from the color of our skin
  • Whites are better than colored people!
  • The Kansas Nebraska Act was the territories of Nebraska and Kansas got to vote to be pro or anti-slavery territories. People in the North were't happy because that should be free , and pro slavery people were happy because they could help slavery go north. Bleeding Kansas was a time of violence when people from the North and South were coming to vote illegally to try to change the outcome of the vote, and it caused a big fight.
  • The Dred Scott decision was that it was okay for slave owners to bring slaves west with them, and not set them free. The case was that slaves went into free territory, and they didn't get set free. So, they decided to take it to court to see what a judge had to say, and they said that a slave has no rights, and that they didn't have right to be set free if they were with their owners.
  • The Lincoln-Douglas Debate was about who would become senator, and there would be a vote later on. Lincoln's argument was that our Union was divided between slave and free people, and that a house can't be right if it isn't together, and he was the side to make things right against slavery. Douglas's argument was that if the union for was slavery then everything would be better, and stronger. The votes concluded that Douglas had won.
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