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TBC Part 2
Updated: 3/16/2020
TBC Part 2
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  • The Heroine notes that theMarquis "owns" her completely - it's implied that she has norights, with no way of fighting back against the Marquis. She looks at herself in the mirrors on the walls, and again sees herself as an object, here presented as food to be inspected and consumed, an'lamb chop.'
  • And so my purchaser unwrapped his bargain.And, as at the opera, when I had first seen my flesh in his eyes, Iwas aghast to feel myself stirring.
  • "A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides while the mewinggulls swung on invisible trapezes in the empty air outside."
  • She is surrounded by mirrors, implying the dominating presence of the Marquis. The use of 'impaling' conveys the violent nature of the marriage consummation. This touches on Carters idea that sex and violence are inseparable; wherever there is one, there is the other.
  • No. I was not afraid of him; but of myself. I seemed rebornin his unreflective eyes, reborn in unfamiliar shapes.And, in the red firelight, I blushed again, unnoticed, to think hemight have chosen me because, in my innocence, he sensed arare talent for corruption.
  • The Heroine feels as if she has been reborn after this experience, turning into a new person after the loss of her innocence. The quote also suggests that she might enjoy this treatment, this objectification and abuse.
  • “There is a striking resemblance between the act of loveand the ministrations of a torturer,” opined my husband’sfavourite poet; I had learned something of the nature of thatsimilarity on my marriage bed.
  • The Heroine finds the titular Bloody Chamber. There, she realizes the truth about the Marquis. TheMarquis is not just a sexually experienced, powerful manwho objectifies women and collects violent pornography--he is also a literal sadist and murderer, who has tortured andkilled all his previous three wives.
  • The Marquis turns death into art. He turns this sadism and torture into an art form. He derives this same pleasure out of the pain and suffering involved with getting someones skull as other, normal, people get out of art.
  • The dead lips smiled... the skull was still so beautiful
  • The Mother appears at the climax of the story, saving the Heroine from certain death. The man-eating tiger represents the Marquis, who is a woman killing lion. Carter changes the original tale to have the Heroine saved by her mother, not her brother (but she still has to be saved).
  • On her eighteenth birthday, my mother had disposed of aman-eating tiger that ravaged the villages in the hills northof Hanoi. Now, without a moment’s hesitation, she raised myfather’s gun, took aim and put a single, irreproachable bulletthrough my husband’s head.
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