Religion Inquisition
Updated: 3/22/2020
Religion Inquisition

Storyboard Text

  • Us 3 Friars must combat all the heresies
  • Started in 12 Century France to combat religious heresy
  • Those accused were placed in a trial forcing them to testify
  • I agree!
  • They would arrive at a town and give citizens a chance to admit to heresy or accuse others
  • I swear I am not
  • Cheryl is a heretic
  • I always knew she was
  • In time she shall see the error of her ways
  • People would be typically imprisoned until they admitted to a heresy
  • Give her time to contemplate her sins
  • You are accused of heresy
  • I swear I don't remember I guess I must have
  • Admit to your sin!
  • I know she is guilty
  • Partial proof is not enough to sentence. The Friars must always search for the truth
  • I agree but we need full proof to sentence:Did the accused confess? yesWas the accused caught in the act? NoWere there 2 eyewitnesses of an act? no
  • If only partial evidence is provided then a lesser punishment is provided
  • You will suffer the common punishment of imprisonment and wear a cross, be grateful there is not enough evidence for the stake
  • I will repent