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picture book 2
Updated: 8/30/2020
picture book 2
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  • eventually, she starts to like it, the teachers are nice and she was really good at science but there one more thing missing... a friend, all of a sudden "ah!... a girl threw the paper at Michelle and laughed
  • flora sits down in the cafeteria sighing until a girl comes and sits down and says " Hi! my name is Ashley your flora right?" " uh yes" she replies secretly excited a guy sits next to her named Andrew while that mean girl yells at him jealously
  • while in sports Andrew was talking to Michelle and she is scared of that mean girl "hey who is that blonde girl she like really mean! " that's Courtney yeah... she not the nicest she thinks I like her BUT i dont if you were wondering"
  • after school flora was waiting for her mum but someone taped her shoulder " courtney?!" flora says " hi, look im sorry about being mean to you andrew talked to me and said it wasn't nice and i understand i wouldnt like someone do to me"
  • flora orgives Courtney and they hug "bye Courtney!" and then her mum arrives she was going to get in the car until Andrew yells "wait!!, i know it had been only a day but would you maybe want to go out sometime?" "of course i will!"said flora
  • she got in the car with excitement and her mum said "ooo who is that?" no one mum she giggles how was school? " honestly... I LOVED IT!" she says her mum smiled and they went back home the end!
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