Storyboard of Tutorial_Lim Sze Kwok

Updated: 5/12/2020
Storyboard of Tutorial_Lim Sze Kwok

Storyboard Text

  • I support parties of PANAS, SUPP and SNAP because I didn't see benefit for Sarawak's economic
  • But we can gain our own independence first, so I think is a good action for combine become Malaysia
  • Well, even thought you against the perposal, but most of people are support it.
  • Now minotory follows the majority, no mattedr how you oppose it you also cannot change the choice of most of the people
  • We don't support to combine become Malaysia because it doesn't have many benefit for us
  • Maybe this will be only chace to independence !
  • We want freedom and our rights !
  • Don't miss this chance !!
  • Did you agree the perposal ? I think this maybe is a good choice for us...
  • Of course I agree, most of the people are agree and not only me
  • But actually I hope that only combine with Sarawak and Sabah is .enough
  • This is a good idea to help us to make more stable in our political.
  • And Seens like some people also support this independence
  • JPPM
  • Singapore referendum
  • JAK