school project
Updated: 6/4/2020
school project

Storyboard Text

  • We will get you out of this
  • The first hole is the hardest
  • This picture represents the night when the sneakers fell into Stanley's backpack when Zero was getting chased by the police.
  • What you got there armpit?
  • This scene shows when Stanley and his family when to court, and none believed that Stanley was innocent.
  • This shows Stanley's first day at Camp Green Lake, and the day he met Zero.
  • I stole them
  • Stanley finds golden tube with the initials KB on them. He later gives them to X-Ray, who gets the day off. However, the Warden makes the boys dig around where X-Ray supposedly found the tube. This is not the area that Stanley actually found it.
  • Stanley begins to teach Zero how to read. They become good friends.
  • The boys steal sunflower seeds from Mr. Sir but Stanley takes all the blame. In the heat of the moment, Zero hits Mr. Sir in the face with a shovel and runs away.