Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • “Everything that I accomplished this season and everything the team accomplished this season is due to one person.”
  •  “there is someone who deserves it many times more than I do.”
  • “Michael, you used to say that I was your hero. If I was half the man you are, I would be proud, because there is no doubt you are my hero.
  •  "I’ll never forget you.”
  • Michael wanted to play football. He has a rare disease where he is physically weak. He has never played football before but he really wants to pay on the team. He gets accepted to the team and meets someone named Steve. Steve becomes his friend and helps him at football.
  • Michael ends up being really good at football, the team won the season undefeated. Steve gets a football award and says that he doesn't deserve it. Steve says how his friend Michael should have it instead.
  •  Michael thinks of Steve as his hero, but Steve really thinks of Michael as a hero. Steve gives the award to Michael. Michael gives Steve a big hug and gets the award in the end.