Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • what do you want Robert? I'm busy...
  • Well, that's not a right way to greet a fellow scientist...anyways I'm just here to pick you up. we are invited for dinner at Marie's house.
  • is that Pasteur? oh my...please, don't tell me he's coming with us. that old fool.
  • you really need to learn how to whisper Newton... Come on Louis..he's only joking. are all French sensitive like you?
  • This old fool is responsible for prevention of diseases. it is because of my discoveries that people like you are healthy everyday. YOUR WELCOME
  • Wow...a castle. who knew radioactive related jobs paid so well...
  • I know! I don't make any money off of philosophy...and nobody appreciates chemist nowadays...
  • Oh stop the whining already. let's go knock at the gate..
  • I have a bad feeling about this...
  • You two are arguably the most influential scientists in the world..I don't know why you guys act like children.
  • Mathematicians...cowards...all of them.
  • Yeah..sorry we brought Louis. it was Robert's idea. He is a good Chemist, but has horrible taste in people.
  • Thank you all for coming. It's been tough without my husband. pioneering research on radioactivity has taken a toll on me. it's good to see you all.
  • Well, he brought you along...
  • Oh Lord...
  • YES!
  • Follow me. We're going to get some wine
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