Fahrenheit 451
Updated: 2/20/2021
Fahrenheit 451

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Montang yes I am a firefighter
  • Hello my name is Clarisse! Are you a firefighter?
  • Mildred?! Are you ok?
  • Where is Clarisse?
  • In this scene two important characters Montag and Clarisse are meeting, Clarisse is a teenage girl and Montang is an older man who is a fireman. This is important because Clarisse give Montag a "new prescriptive of life"
  • During this part Montag finds his wife Mildred passed out on the kitchen floor unconscious. Montag can be feeling melancholy which is depressive feelings and sadness. Why is Mildred passed out on the floor and is unresponsive?
  • During this part of the book Clarisse has disappeared and its Montag notices because he used to see her often but now doesn't. Its kind of an example of Montag being imperceptible because be probably thought something like this would never happen.