Updated: 4/22/2020

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  • In the year the of 1899 Steven applied for a job with the lumber jacks. Lumberjacks worked on cutting down trees in the winter and shipping logs down the river in the spring.
  • Although the lumberjack only earned 56 cents per day, they were fed well and had housing. When the lumberjacks got pies, they only had to share with two other men.
  • Do you want the wood or not?
  • I want fifteen dollars
  • Hi Tom, do you want me to sell some wood to you .
  • That is so much money though I thought that Dave got his for 10 dollars.
  • Sure, thank you
  • Sometimes the logs would get stuck in the river. The lumberjacks then would have to jump onto the logs and use some dynamite to blow up the logs. This was how a lot of lumberjacks got killed.
  • See ya, I am out of here.
  • The lumberjacks sold the logs to the sawmill in Stillwater. Then the sawmill would saw the wood into lumber.
  • The men who started towns needed the wood to build their houses for the people moving to town to work in factories.
  • Once there were no more trees in Minnesota, the lumber companies left for the west.
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