Social Cartoon by Luca
Updated: 12/20/2019
Social Cartoon by Luca
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  • Becky, please...
  • Be quiet! I'm done with you forever!
  • Tom had been thinking a lot, as well as receiving a lot of negativity and such from peers and family. Finally, Tom had enough and decideds to run away
  • Social Commentary here is that society and the world we currently live in is blnded by hatred and selfishness that we don't cherish what we have and we take everythinig for granted, even kids, family, and love. Here, Tom was feeling unwanted and uncared for, and was receiving negativity for anything he'd do. Tom's aunt would mistreat him, and the girl he loved, Becky, had doubted his love and denied his gift. With all of this, Tom had felt that he had enough and ran away. This shows how heavy society is on kids nowadays, and how kids need good role models and positivity in their lives to be able to function well and feel supported and loved. Some families now lack that, and it's a risk of leading the kid/kids in that family downhill.
  • If you say so buddy...
  • Come on guys, we're becoming pirates. Get changed, we ain't going back.
  • Boys named Tom and Huck have disappeared without warning. Reward goes out to the people that can find the boys.
  • Missing! Missing! Read all about it!
  • I miss, Tom...
  • I knew Tom the most out of anyone here.
  • I heard Tom's dead.
  • It was our fault.
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