Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The Energy created by the sun can be converted into electricity.
  • One technology is PV (Solar Photovoltaic), and recent development had greatly improved its efficiency.
  • SunLight is made out of tiny particles called photons.
  • About 93 million miles later, they collide with a semiconductor of a solar panel here
  • The panel is made up of several individual cells. Each with a positive and a negative layer, which create an electric field.The photons from the sun hits the cells, and the energy allow electrons to flow within the panel, creating an electric current.
  • Positive Layer
  • Negative Layer
  • Photons
  • The electricity created is multiplied by the numbers of cells in each panel and numbers of panel in each solar array.
  • PV provide clean energy. It has no emissions and do not require water or fuel to produce power. PV can also be located wherever it is needed.