Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 2000 years ago
  • God has provided this land for us to harvest
  • 2000 years ago
  • this land was given to us by allah
  • jerusalem
  • this is our land
  • No this land belongs to us
  • Jewish settlers first settle in modern israel
  • British mandate
  • Perhaps we shall create a jewish homeland for the Jews from around the world
  • arab people settle in the same area as the jewsish people did
  • British exit out of the palestine
  • Disputes over who should control Jerusalem caused heavy tensions between enthnic groups
  • modern day
  • After Great Britain gained control of Palestine tehy thought about creating a jewish homeland for all the Jews
  • yes we shall
  • a day after israel decleares independance the neighboring Arab nations invade the newly formed country. But israel manages to fight back and gain more land than before
  • modern day Jerusalem is a very tense area where there is a lot of aggression from terrorists attacking