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romeo and juliet
Updated: 5/22/2020
romeo and juliet
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  • So Mercutio i hear you and Romeo are friends
  • *sighs* yeah why do you care
  • ah never mind Mercutio, heres who im looking for my man Romeo
  • Romeo is not your man
  • well Romeo all I have to say about you is your evil
  • "Tybalt, I have a reason to love you that lets me put aside the rage I should feel and excuse that insult. I am no villain. so goodbye. I can tell that you don't know who I am."
  • Tybalt enters the room looking for Romeo while being rude to Mercutio.
  • Romeo your words cant stop what you have done to me. now draw you sword and fight me
  • I dont with we should do that
  • Dont fight him fight you rat
  • Romeo walks in and he is just how Tybalt was looking for and he acts friendly to him at first but in a rude way making Mercutio mad.
  • no no break it up you shouldn't fight
  • Tybalt addresses how he thinks romeo is evil and Romeo respond kindly and said he loved Tybalt this is because romeo loves Juliet and because of that he doesn't want to cause any conflict with her family.
  • Tybalt wants to fight Romeo to fight but Romen still insists he loves tybalt and wont fight him and then Mercutio said he would fight Tybalt.
  • Romeo tries to break up the fight but Tybalt stabed Mercutio from under Romeos arm
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