Modern Cinderella- Anthony Palacios Reyes
Updated: 5/15/2020
Modern Cinderella- Anthony Palacios Reyes
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  • There lived woman named Cinderella that had beauty that was unrivaled throughout the land. It was quite easy for anybody to be unrivaled in beauty because the place Cinderella lived in was a dirty place where the skies were gray and the people were gloomy.
  • Cinderella was also forced to do hard jobs because her step- mother despised Cinderella and her beauty, she even sent her to live in the dusty attic with all the cobwebs and mice. But despite the bad things that came her way she never envied her step-family.
  • Cinderella's step siblings that accompanied her step-mother were going to a party that could only be attended by the rich people that lived in the area. Which meant Cinderella was not welcome because she was seen as poor.
  • Cinderella was sad that she could not go to the party and began to wander around the neighborhood, hoping that there would be someone or something to take her mind off the party. It was then that she saw a man in a black cloak in an alleyway; he called over to her.
  • Cinderella saw this as an opportunity to take her mind off the party and approached the man. He opened his cloak, revealing several glowing tubes of a pink substance. The man said "I'm going to say that you're in a bad spot right now and just want something to brighten up your day, am I right."
  • He said, "one sip of my little happiness concoction and your day will brighten up." She immediately drank the liquid and by doing so was knocked unconscious. She began to see herself at the party in a beautiful dress and glass slippers and without a second thought danced the night away, only to wake up the next day in a hospital bed two years from when she had drank the liquid.
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