Among the hidden
Updated: 4/7/2021
Among the hidden

Storyboard Text

  • Luke a third child, had to stay hidden because of the population police's rules. He was getting tired of hiding his whole life
  • Then Luke sees another third child through the window. He sneaks to go see her and finds out her name is Jen
  • Hi, are you a shadow child like me?!?!
  • Jen confidently explains her plan of having a rally to overthrow the population police and asks Luke to join
  • Later Luke struggles with deciding if he should join Jen's plan or not. Finally, he gets scared and says no
  • After the rally, Luke sees Jen's father and finds out that Jen was shot. Jen's father tells Luke he is in danger and offers him a fake passport
  • Luke realizes that Jen risked her life for other people's freedom and he must do the same. He tearfully accepts the passport, says bye to his family, and begins his new life