Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to the cytoplasm! I am the superhero, Glycolysis. During my stage, I break apart glucose into pyruvate.
  • But before that I require 2 ATP molecules. They're like my energy shake!
  • Now that I've invested 2 ATP, I can now split this glucose molecule!
  • I am Glucose! Once I go through glycolysis, I am split apart into 2 pyruvate and 2 NADH, which are used in the next phase, the Krebs Cycle.
  • After splitting up Glucose, I got 4 ATP molecules! 2 are invested to begin the reactions, so I have a net yield of 2 ATP.
  • Hey I'm the Krebs Cycle. Glycolysis passes the pyruvate (lemons) and NADH molecules to me to use in my stage.