The Twisted becomes a Frog
Updated: 3/29/2021
The Twisted becomes a Frog

Storyboard Text

  • In this scene Tiana is following through with her mastermind plan of robbing Prince Naveen. She waits until all the lights are off and everyone (or so she thinks) is asleep and sneaks in through a window.
  • She got in! Tiana sneaks around the castle in search of anything valuable.
  • Unable to sleep, Prince Naveen was up doing yoga when he heard thumping from Tiana. He called out Dr. Facilier thinking maybe it was him, but there’s no answer. He decides to start searching.
  • Tiana has been caught! Naveen and Tiana are both frightened by the sight of each other. Dr. Facilier is awoken by the screaming and rushes down to see what is causing all the commotion.
  • Dr. Facilier sees Tiana and when she admits to her evil plan he tells her that her punishment is that he is going to turn her into a frog!
  • Dr. Facilier and Naveen head back to bed and Tiana is left with the burden of figuring out her new life as a frog.