The war that saved my life.

Updated: 9/2/2020
The war that saved my life.

Storyboard Text

  • Alright you Maggots get on the train.
  • Hello sir would you like to house an evacuee, or what about you Ma’m
  • Jamie was going to be evacuated Because there was word of a bomb. His mother would not let Ada and her twisted foot evacuate. So Ada snuck away with Jamie.
  • Ada and Jamie have escaped to the country side and are now waiting for someone to take them in until the end of the war.
  • Ada and Jamie were never picked so the stone-faced lady drove the children to a lady named Miss Smith. After a lot of arguing Miss Smith accepted that for the time being she must watch over and take care of the Chlidren.
  • I'm scared Ada!
  • Children where are you?! oh, children there you are.
  • Miss Smith treated the children very well and they were happy. It was at least a year of happiness, until a terrible thing happened.
  • Mam came to get Ada and Jamie. Miss Smith allowed her to take the children because after all mam is their mother. After they left Miss Smith got worried about the children so she set out to look for them and help them.
  • 5 minutes before Miss Smith got there a German bomb was dropped on London."Are you two okay?" asked Miss Smith. "Yes" said Ada. " I am scared" said Jamie. They were united. When they arrived home they were welcomed to a big surprise their house was bombed.