Romeo and Juliet Act 3
Updated: 12/8/2020
Romeo and Juliet Act 3

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  • This will determine that!
  • Then I shall confess that I love him.
  • Tybalt, take the "villian" back, Either you or I or both must go with Mercutio.
  • If I say I love you, it will be more of a price unknown, than to your face.
  • IV.i.18-31
  • Get out of here Romeo! You fool! (after Tybalt falls/dies)
  • Confess to this father.
  • I am sure that you love me.
  • Then that person shall be you!
  • Calm down. Go home and be merry. Tomorrow is Wednesday
  • IV.i.77-90
  • I would rather do many worse things than marry Paris.
  • It is not like death, be patient. You are banished from Verona...
  • Hurry everybody! We must get the preparations for the wedding all set.
  • IV.ii.1-9
  • Servant
  • Sir, an ill cook cannot lick his own fingers! *Laughs*
  • "What if it be a poison which the friar subtly hath ministered to have me dead?" (lines24-25). O the so many thoughts I have of dead Tybalt, Here I come Romeo! *drinks*
  • By acting like that, you're misusing your shape, love, and wit. Get up and be a man.
  • IV.iii.24-58
  • Go. Go tell my lady to get ready to scold me for the way I behaved.
  • I'll just be on my way-I will tell Juliet you are coming.
  • Yes my lady, get some rest.
  • I give you permission to marry her on Wednesday. What day is this?
  • Come on! It's almost time! Get cooking!
  • Oh! Wednesday is way too soon. The marriage shall be held on Thurday.
  • IV.iv.1-28
  • It is Monday my lord.
  • *Hahaha*
  • Don't speak even a word to me.
  • My child! She's dead! She's dead!
  • I will not break my promise to Paris!
  • IV.v.19-24
  • "O sweet mother, cast me not away! Delay this mariage for a month, a week; Or if you do not, make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies"
  • She's dead! Alack the day! She's gone!
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