Paul & Corie Storyboard
Updated: 3/8/2021
Paul & Corie Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • C: What I'm really concerned about is you.
  • P: Me? Me?
  • P: Why? Because I like to wear my gloves in winter?
  • C: Yeah. I'm beginning to wonder if you're capable of having a good time!
  • C: No. Because there isn't the least bit of adventure in you. You know what you are, Paul? You're a watcher. You're a watcher. There are watchers in this world, and there are doers. And the watchers sit around watching the doers do. Well, tonight you watched and I did.
  • P; It was a little bit harder to watch what you did than it was for you to do what I was watching.
  • C: You can't even relax for one evening. I don't know, Paul, sometimes you act like a--
  • P: What? Hmm? A stuffer shirt? Is that it?