Great expectations story board

Updated: 10/10/2021
Great expectations story board

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  • In Pumblechook's house
  • At the gates of Satis House
  • Satis House
  • Pumblechook quizzes pip over breakfast on some multiplication problems in preparation for his visit to Satis House to see Miss Havisham
  • Inside Satis House
  • Pip and Pumblechook arrive at the gates of Satis House. Pip rings the bell and Estella, meets them at the gate. She then beckons Pip in and asks Pumblechook i the wishes to see Miss Havisham. He replies by saying only if she wants to see him. Estella replies rudely by telling that she does not want to see him and slams the gate shut on him.
  • Miss Havisham
  • As Estella leads Pip to Satis House he acknowledges the timeless sense that the house has. He marbles at the broken clock, the overgrown leafage and the fact it is alongside elegant pathways and grand halls.
  • Pip alone outside Satis House
  • Estella leads Pip inside Satis House towards Miss Havisham's room. He constantly stops to gaze at the house and Estella, only referring to Pip as boy the entire time, keeps beckoning him to catch up.
  • Pip and Estella enter the room. Pip marbles at the oddness of Miss Havisham's appearance, notably the fact that she is still wearing her wedding dress. She talks to Pip abut how her heart is broken and how she was left at the altar. She tells Estella and Pip to play but Pip says that he is not in the mood to play. He abruptly leaves soon after.
  • Pip begins to cry as he laves Satis House and begins home.