The 6 inventions by Aiden

Updated: 11/13/2020
The 6 inventions by Aiden

Storyboard Text

  • We invented the sail boat! It was square in shape and the sail was made of cloth. It would only go in the direction of the wind. We had to wait until the wind blew in the direction we wanted to go. It makes traveling on water possible.A boat makes it easier to fish and get to places that are further way.
  • We invented time!! It took a while, but it allows us to track the days . It has helped us learn the best times to plant crops and when to hold our festivals. Once we had time we worked on developing a calendar. It is pretty cool.
  • Festival Time
  • We invented the chariot! It was so cool to be able to roll around on wheels and not have to walk every were. The chariot was made of wood and metal. We use it for military campaigns, sport and general use. Customizing our chariots is lots of fun!
  • We made the first map! the first map was just made of simple sketches and made it easier to see where we needed to go and where other country's were. We also used it to keep track of our favorite hunting areas and trading partners.
  • We made the first plow for farming! It was made out of wood and metal. Plows were used for agriculture rather than hunting. It made my job a whole lot easier 
  • We were the first to start writing! We used clay tablets and sharp reeds to make wedges in the wet clay. It helped us keep records and share our ideas with others. We also recorded business deals.