Part 2
Updated: 5/8/2020
Part 2

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  • Melanoma is different than the other 2, which starts at age 40, because it can appear at age 12.
  • Okay,what's the last one?
  • Yup, and she has to be careful. Waiting can be fatal. This is the most serious and COMMON type of skin cancer.
  • So around my daughter's age?
  • Look for ATYPICAL MOLES: wider than 1/4 of an inch, irregularly shaped, more than 1 color, fuzzy bordered and with a raised center.
  • Thanks Mr. Sun!! You're actually really nice, which is ironic!! I love you!!
  • How can we tell if she has one?
  • White people are often at a higher risk along with anyone with blonde or red hair, blue, green or hazel eyes, or a family with history of skin cancer.
  • Okay so, how did I get Basal Cell Carcinoma? I'm not white
  • White people just have a higher risk. Everyone should still avoid sun exposure from 10 AM to 4 PM, avoid tanning beds, wear sunscreen like I said and wear protective clothing.
  • Will do!!
  • And also, about your Basal Cell Carcinoma, follow my advice and visit a dermatologist if it grows!