Unknown Story
Updated: 11/20/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Ruth’s Story
  • After the death of Ruth’s husband, her mother in law Naomi decides to go to her home county Israel.
  • I have to go, but you need to stay here!
  • Thank you, Ruth!
  • Naomi, I’m going with you. We need to stay together!
  • Though her sister left them, Ruth stayed, showing her loyalty to Naomi.
  • In Israel, Ruth meets Boaz while gathering food. He is generous and kind.
  • May God bless you!
  • When Ruth tells about Boaz, Naomi is excited. Boaz is is the family redeemer, and so Ruth can marry him.
  • I met Boaz!
  • Ask him to marry you!
  • Boaz agrees to marry Ruth, returning the loyalty that she showed to Naomi.