Updated: 5/6/2020

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  • What is a crusade?
  • How can a crusade start?
  • We march Wednesday Morning! We will retake it!We will still win!
  • Yes sir, but we don't have enough troops
  • We need to retake the holy land from those Muslims!
  • First Crusade, 1096-1099
  • GOD is with US!!!He is worth more than 1000 of their man!
  • A crusade is a journey to retake the holy land
  • Second Crusade, 1145-1149
  • The pope announces kings for Crusades and then all the kings that want to join will march to the holy land on a known date.
  • Third Crusade, 1189-1192
  • OK. We have a deal!!!
  • An army of peasants led by Peter the Hermit was the first group to set off to the Holy Land. After Robert of Normandy joined the Christians captured Jerusalem.
  • Seventh Crusade, 1396
  • We won!!!We beat the christians!
  • In 1144 the Muslims began to take back the Holy Land.Louis VII set off to regain the land, but he was defeated in Damascus.
  • In 1174, the Muslims united under Saladin. In 1187 his army captured Jerusalem. In September 1192 King Richard I of England made a deal with Saladin. Jerusalem would remain Muslim, but christians could visit without any harm.
  • I want to propose a deal! You have the fortress but Christians can visit at any time.
  • At the battle of Nicopolis the Christian army lost against a stronger Muslim army. This is also known as the last crusade.