the baddha path to enlihgtenment.
Updated: 2/21/2020
the baddha path to enlihgtenment.

Storyboard Text

  • Our son will be a king or a religious leader!
  • Prince you can not be touched by the heat,dust,or dew
  • what has happened here
  • Buddha was born as a prince named Siddhartha. His father ruled the kingdom in the country of India. They had to predict what the young prince would do. The new born prince is going to be a religious leader.
  • please can you give us all some food?
  • The protected prince lived in the wealth and luxury. The prince cannot be touched by heat, cold, dust, or dew. As the prince got older and older his father protected him from everything . The prince was just like everybody else.
  • Please tree of knowledge tell me what to do?
  • Legend says that one day when Siddhartha was about 29. He rode out of the place with guards. The prince had never seen any suffering.Then he came upon a man's family who stood by a dead man's body and the family was crying.
  • I will travel across India.
  • The prince was searching for the truth about life. Siddhartha lived with the ascetics who lived a very simple life. Strangers placed food in his bowl at night, he slept in the shelter of a tree or cave. Siddhartha began his search by studying with Hindu gurus. They taught him about Buddhism and salvation.
  • As his strength returned Siddhartha removed his day he sat under a fig tree to meditate. Later this tree would come to be known as the Bodhi tree, or the tree of knowledge
  • The Buddha had freed himself from the cycle of rebirth and suffering and reached enlightenment, but instead of enjoying his own liberation, he chose to go back into the world to teach others what he had learned. For the next 45 years the Buddha traveled across India preaching a message of truth and hope.