Generation Narrative
Updated: 4/9/2021
Generation Narrative

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  • It all started on a day in Moorhead,Minnesota. My mom was born. She went home after three days and stayed at her home in Moorhead,Minnesota. Laura has 4 siblings.Their names are Phylliss,Tammy,Tim,her,and Todd. Her favorite show to watch was Happy days. After a while they left and moved to Jamestown,North Dakota. Laura had a baby brother named Todd that was born. 
  • She moved again to Charter Oak,Iowa after that. She ended up going to school there and having a best friend named Terri that graduated from there too. For fun she participated in school activities,did sports and ended up teaching junior high girls basketball. Laura also drove the loop which is up and down main street. She went to Briar Cliff for college.
  • She went to college and got a master degree.Laura had many jobs some of them were being a waitress and a lifeguard. Others were working at Hardees,Thinker Toys,Christorpher and Bank,and Little Caesars. While she worked and started to come home a natural disaster went through Sloan,IA in 1986. It was really bad and ruined some structures around it. After all that mess it cleared up and became nice weather again. Throughout the years there have been some blizzards.I was even there for one.
  • Laura met her husband at her job Thinker Toys. She is still married to him today and loves when he takes her to her favorite restaurant Minerva’s.She also doesn’t like that many foods. She only eats cheese and bacon on her pizza. If you don’t know what Minerva’s is it is a fancy restaurant by Hyvee on Hamilton in Sioux City.
  • Laura and her husband Bryan started their family while living in Sioux City. They have 4 children. In 2011, they moved to Sloan, IA. Laura and Bryan both still work in Sioux City, while their kids attend Westwood. The whole family loves living in a small town.
  • Laura enjoys watching her children participate in sporting activities as well as band and music. Laura also spends time attending Boy Scout functions and teaching CCD class on Wednesday night. Laura stays plenty busy but is used to it because she grew up being very busy with activities. Laura believes life is good.