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Overproduction Comic Strip Sarah Houldsworth
Updated: 11/15/2019
Overproduction Comic Strip Sarah Houldsworth
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  • 1922
  • Our business is doing so well! Make more products so we can get more profit!
  • 1922
  • But won't that decrease the value of things? We should slow down our production.
  • No! I want more money! More production means more money!
  • 1926
  • I already bought a radio, a car, and a refrigerator. I don't think I need any more fancy stuff. Plus, I still need to pay off the rest of my stuff, and I'm out of money. People are going to stop buying stuff pretty soon...
  • 1928
  • People stopped buying my stuff! What happened? Now I have all of this product, and no one to sell it to! The value of it is getting so small! I'm going to lose so much money!!!!!
  • 1929
  • This country used to be so wealthy, now we can't afford anything! If companies hadn't overproduced so much, we could still have higher wages!
  • I know! Not only did the businesses lose money, but our wages were lowered because of it! My family has no money to buy stuff like radios anymore, so how are we supposed to boost the economy now?
  • 1929
  • Stock prices have dropped too! This is such a mess. I hope we can sort it out soon...
  • Me too. If only these businessmen knew that a high supply and a low demand equals disaster!
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