Academic Dishonesty Storyboard

Updated: 10/12/2021
Academic Dishonesty Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Academic Integrity Scenario #3
  • You will answer 10 questions on your own.
  • We each will do 5.
  • The teacher is telling them the instructions but Tommy and Chuckie are both saying they will each do 5 question and each will exchange the question.
  • 1
  • They are each doing there own 5 questions.
  • 1
  • Here is my 5 that I have done.
  • They are each changing questions with each other.
  • 1. Would you consider this cheating? Why or why not? Yes since the teacher said alone but they did it together.2. Who is cheating in your scenario? Tommy and Chuckie are the ones cheating.
  • 3. How did they cheat? Explain. Even though they were told to do it by there self but they did not.4. How would you handle this situation if you were placed in this situation? I would have told the teacher privately or by email.