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life on mars
Updated: 6/6/2020
life on mars
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  • what if life as we know it isn't going to all ways be the normal? well here's where i'm going to try to think of a few things to help with having that much change and by change i mean moving to mars
  • going outside is something most people do everyday but with your not able to breath on mars because of how much carbon dioxide is in the air staying inside is a must. so my idea is creating a artificial back yard and as for the woods i think a fake woods could be made to help with the change
  • the next thing to worry about is a big one what about is food well i think having a greenhouse kinda growing area would work best and as for protein there is so many soy based foods that is all so a source for proteins like tofu
  • the next challenge is Water a pretty big one considering at my age in a day i should drink 2.L in a year that's 750.L on mars there is lots of water but for the most part its all frozen so unfreezing it kinda fits in with how are we gonna live on mars if its so cold well with indoor living it hopefully with help with how cold it is and as for the water well at least there some there's water there
  • for a walk or see the sun shine it would really start to effect people in so many ways so for this Society to work there'd need to be 24/7 people to talk to
  • aside from things that you physical need there's your mental health and weather or not people think it'd effect them it would like the fact you wouldn't be able to even go
  • moral of the story is anythings possible especially considering how far N.A.S.A gone all ready and how new things are discovered everyday id be a big change but if it ever came down to it i think we could
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