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Realizing the Effects of Poverty
Updated: 5/22/2020
Realizing the Effects of Poverty
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  • Another poor person trying to take my wealth...
  • Sorry, son! I don't have anything with me. Perhaps try to get a job.
  • Excuse me, Sir. Do you possibly have any food or money I could have?
  • Well, Thank you for your time, sir.
  • That poor boy just needed a little money, while this man has many privileges.
  • Excuse me, sir, but that poor boy really needs some money. You don't have any you can spare?
  • A rich man walks down the street, about to pass a poor boy in need of food, clothing and shelter. There is a man in a brown hat observing from a far.
  • The silver that you keep hidden in a safe place belongs to the one in need.
  • He asked for MY money, which I worked hard to earn! He is not working, he doesn't deserve my money.
  • The boy stops the man to ask for food, money, or anything that the man could spare. But the man immediately rejects the boy. "Sorry, son! I don't have anything with me. Perhaps try to get a job."
  • I am Saint Basil. I know that you are hard working, but that boy has worked too. He, like others, needs help.
  • Why are you wealthy while that other man is poor? Go, and use your wealth to help others.
  • The man in the brown hat feels sympathy for the boy; he needed money to buy food. So he stops the rich man to ask if there is anything he could donate to the boy.
  • Thank you so much, sir! This is going to help me a lot!
  • Hi, son! I am sorry about before. I have some money right here to give to you. Use it wisely and help your self!
  • The rich man argues with the man in the brown hat. He screams that the boy doesn't deserve money, while the men in the brown hat explains to him that the money that goes unused belongs to the poor.
  • Who are you to tell me what to do with my money?
  • Saint Basil introduces himself to the rich man and tells him that he should use his resources to help those around him that are less fortunate. The rich man agrees and decides he will help the boy.
  • I was wrong before; I will help him.
  • The rich man gives some money to help the poor boy. Even though the rich man worked hard for his earnings, he realized that he should helps others with the extra resources in his life. The End.
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