Life without Digital technology
Updated: 5/8/2020
Life without Digital technology

Storyboard Text

  • Without digital communication there would be no checking the weather on my phone. I'd have to go outside to know the weather that day.
  • Without digital communication I wouldn't be doing my schoolwork online. We would probably have to repeat the school year.
  • Without digital communication there would be no video games, catting with friends, or calling my grandparents. We are much less isolated with all the digital technology we have today.
  • My dad is a college professor. Without digital technology he wouldn't be able to teach his students right now.
  • My mom is getting her PhD and without digital technology she wouldn't be able to do her schoolwork and turn it in.
  • To communicate with our family and friends we would have to write letters. There would be no phone calls, texting, or zoom meetings.