Age of Exploration
Updated: 1/27/2020
Age of Exploration
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  • I'm Ferdinand Magellan. I am a Portuguese sailor trying to find Spain. We are trying to find land for gold, god, and glory. This is my story.
  • Mr. Magellan, the men are starving. We must find land soon. 
  • I certainly agree with him, Mr. Magellan. I will find land as soon as possible. I don't know how long i can go without eating. I mean, days, hours, seconds, I really don't know.
  • I knew this was going to happen, we would get lost and die on this ship. It could sink, we have ran out of food, and those storms could kill us.
  • Magellan, we are lost! I can't find any land.
  • This is Magellan. Him and his crew are trying to find land. This shows that one of the dangers is the loss of food.
  • he got lost and will not be able to return.
  • This is the man that is driving the boat. He is trying to find land as soon as possible.
  • they ran out of food, and they died.
  • Where is my husband?
  • They're lost! Magellan knew this was going to happen, but he is still scared.
  • They used compasses to find direction. They used improved maps to see where they were headed more easily. They used new boats called Carbels that had smaller sails to sail easier. They used an astrolabe to find latitude
  • he got swept away in a huge storm and died.
  • There were major dangers that explorers had to face, and honestly I feel bad for the friends and family that had to deal with a death of a loved one. People learned good and bad news every day about sailors that sailed.
  • The explores traveled to many places. They traveled to places like Asia, India, Africa, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, and England to find gold, god and glory.
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