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Updated: 3/22/2020
ela storyboard

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  • As the clock had dinged. Jem and Scout were slowly getting tired, their eyes kept open and close, as they fight their sleepy urges. In a moment, Jem looked at Scout coldly while Dill had already been asleep.
  • The judge, Mr. Tate brings the court to order as he is about to announce the verdict. Scout closing her eyes as she anticipates the final verdict, Jem watching intently. And Tom Robinson, nervously still but keeping his chin held high. Atticus twiddling his thumbs anxiously in his seat.
  • Mr. Tate starts polling the jury's final verdict. "GUILTY... GUILTY.. GUILTY.. GUILTY." Jem and Scout’s hearts drop and both turn pale. Atticus has his head buried in his hands. Tom Robinson sat there with single tear falling from his eye. Calpurnia has her hand clutching her chest in shock. The whole black section of the courtroom is shocked.