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Updated: 10/22/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition
  • Was that your sister? Maybe we should go check on her.
  • Oh my gosh! what was that? Is everything okay?
  • Rising Action
  • "What was the crying? I hope everything is okay, we will see when we get to my sisters. Katie says,
  • Bill says, "Yes, i hope everything is okay."
  • Rising Action
  • Are you there? Please wake up Bill!
  • Katie and bill hear crying coming through the phone, they suspect it is Katies sister.
  • Climax
  • Im sorry Bill, i could've saved you.
  • They go to check on her sister late at night to see what's going on. It turns out that nothing was wrong so bill and Katy made their way back home.
  • Falling Action
  • Bill i miss you so much.
  • When Bill and Katie get home, Bill falls asleep on the couch for Katie to come into the living room and find him dead.
  • Resoluton
  • why didn't i just take you to the hospital bill, why.
  • Katie then realizes she called her old number on the phone, the crying noises was Katie telling her past self to take Bill to the hospital because he complained about not feeling good.
  • Katie cries because she gets hit with all of the memories she had with Bill, she regrets just not taking him to the hospital.
  • She then drops the phone she had been using to call her past self and cries in regret and sadness.
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