Ancient Rome
Updated: 11/24/2020
Ancient Rome

Storyboard Text

  • Legend has it that Rome was started by two brothers Romulus and Remus who were sent down a river and then raised by a she-wolf in the legend it says that Romulus killed Remus and that is when Rome was created
  • Rome started as a republic which meant that male citizens of Rome could vote for elected leaders and rulers, patricians were the wealthy and plebians were the average people of Rome
  • Rome had many contributions such as roads, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, aqueducts, and arches.
  • Julius Caesar became dictator of Rome and at the time the people were happy because he was fixing Rome's problems but the senate was not happy they thought that Caesar was ruining the republic
  • The senate was so mad that they decided to kill Julius Caesar by stabbing him 28 times
  • Finally after much fighting, after Caesar's death Octavian or Augustus became the new emperor of Rome and Rome no longer was a republic