Updated: 6/1/2021

Storyboard Description

Alberto's Badulake

Storyboard Text

  • it's snowing,will the badulake be open?
  • What's up, Where you going ?
  • Hi Romeo,how are you?
  • WOW!
  •  Hello Susan,What a coincidence,I was not expecting you here on a day like today,you caught me on the way to Mr.Alberto's Badulake
  • Hey Charly wait for me!
  • It has appeared to hear my name?,wait a moment it will be Romeo
  • well,Charly,we'll see each other another day,which is not hear!
  • Where are you going charly,I'm going to alberto's badulake that is celebrating
  • I thought you weren't going to wait for me
  • hello Romeo,how are you ,I was on my way to my father's house to visit him
  • I wonder if I'll have time to go to alberto's badulake
  • Romeo started running and ended up tripping
  • Ah!
  • I think I have broken my leg,I will never be able to get to the celebration
  • I will have to go to the hospital