Scientific Revolution Storyboard
Updated: 1/25/2020
Scientific Revolution Storyboard
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  • Hello, Louis Pasteur, are you here to work on a new discovery?
  • Nice to see you Marie Curie, I am in fact here for that, but before I tell you about mine you must tell me how yours is going. 
  • Well, I have now discovered x-rays, which I believe will impact the health industry by helping find injuries faster.
  • I discovered vaccines along with pasteurization, and I believe that this will help prevent many disease from occurring
  • I think that our new ideas will help transform the society, by encouraging people research and discover new thing, and also creates diverse thinking.
  • Our discoveries have also contributed greatly to the Scientific Revolution, which helps change both science and thought by proving that many of the ideas of the church were wrong, and also answered the question of why basic things happen.
  • Good afternoon Robert Boyle, how is your discovery going?
  • Hello Sir Isaac Newton, it is going quite well, but please tell me how yours is going first.
  • I have recently discovered the Laws of Gravity, which helps give people a better understanding of why things fall the way they do. It can also help with future inventions such as flight.
  • My discovery was chemistry, which will impact the way people think and will construct a foundation for deeper discoverers in science.
  • I am extremely proud of ourselves for taking the risk of publishing our ideas, because we could have gotten imprisoned and been humiliated.
  • Not only were we extremely brave, but our discoveries in the Scientific Revolution were also a continuation of Renaissance thinking because it encouraged curiosity , investigation, discovery, modern day knowledge.
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