tamya raising conflict
Updated: 2/13/2020
tamya raising conflict

Storyboard Text

  • Travis needs his own room, not a couch.
  • character vs. self
  • I've gotta get out of here
  • character vs. self
  • Liqour store...
  • man vs man
  • walter, my future is ruined
  • I'll get it your money back i promise!
  • ruth wants to move out the apartment into a bigger house so Travis could have his own room. Act 1 Scene 1
  • Walter doesn't want to be a driver anymore he wants a better paying job. He no longer wants to work for someone he wants his own business. Act 2 scene 2
  • Walter & Beneatha has been arguing because Walter invested in a business that was a scam. He lost Beneatha's money for school, she feels like he took her dream right from under her. Act. 3