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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • brings you the Do's and Dont's in a presentation
  • The Office
  • moments later...
  • evaluation ? assistant to the regional manager here i come
  • evaluation?Today! yes ma'am ill let Michael know
  • Dunder mifflin this is pam
  • uh..
  • Question, How do you give a proper presentation
  • we need to pass this evaluation
  • its okay i can give yall some tips that can pass the evaluation
  • Dwight !!
  • alright jim !!
  • you try it now
  • first things first Talk at a steady speed, not too fast not too slow. Avoid reading from your slides at all costs. Try not to pace up and down due to your nerves. Avoid saying 'um' within a sentence
  • as you can see dwight is an amazing example on what not to do
  • -make sure you INSPIRE your audience-Introduce yourself -don't read you slides from the board it will make you seem like you don't know what you are talking about-eye contact is key-dont fidget, pace or play around with your hands
  • what- no JIM HALPERT
  • a few presentations later
  • each department brings about 25% of new income
  • wow..
  • as you can see our branch is excelling
  • thats excellent
  • a-angela did okay but i did better !
  • angela and oscar definitely aced their presentations
  • oh dwight !
  • well this is my life. Until I win the lottery. Or Pam finally writes that series of young adult books but i hope the tips work use them and watch yourself give the best presentation anywhere