Bombing of Darwin

Updated: 6/16/2021
Bombing of Darwin

Storyboard Text

  • Initial Concern
  • I agree. We need to improve our coastal defences in the event of a Japanese attack
  • 1942
  • We need to protect Darwin from the Japanese Empire, it is a vital harbour for our war effort!
  • The Bombing
  • Aftermath
  • 1943
  • We've lost many lives in the bombings, but the Japanese are not invading or launching manned attacks.
  • It is rather strange. Perhaps the Japanese are trying to interrupt the use of our harbour facilities.
  • The Australian Army was seriously concerned by the aggression of the Japanese Empire, as they had already expanded their territory, acquiring most of the Pacific in their quest to become a major power in the world. When the Japanese landed in Papua New Guinea in early 1942, the Australian government decided to maximise efforts to protect Darwin Harbour, as it was very important as a supplier for Allied Forces.
  • On the 19th of February 1942, Darwin was bombed twice in one day by the Japanese army, proving the Australian government's concerns to be rightful. The bombing killed around 252 people and damaged many important supplies and manufacturers in the harbour. The Australian people were terrified, believing it to be the precursor to a Japanese invasion.
  • The bombing of Darwin and other areas in Australia continued until November 1943. While it halted the use of many war supply facilities and killed many people, the bombings proved fairly ineffective. Additionally, no Japanese invasion ever came, so Australia was safe.