Updated: 2/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • We are comparing the nucleus with the principal because they are in charge
  • We are building a school
  • We are comparing the Golgi apparatus and the teacher because they help others get their work done
  • We are comparing the DNA and the School Board they check the place out in the human body and the school board.
  • I am comparing the Cytoplasm and the hallways because it controls where you go
  • We are comparing the Vacuole to the water fountian because thats where water is stored
  • I am comparing the Lysosome and the janitor because they both clean the place
  • We compared the Cell Membrane and the classrooms because you leave and enter the classroom
  • I am comparing the Mitochondria and the gym because of all the energy they have
  • We are comparing the ribosomes and and the cafe because they both produce important things
  • I am comparing the secretary and the nucleuolus because they are both most important
  • I am the Secretary