Updated: 11/4/2020

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  • Beowulf jumped into the burning lake. At the bottom of the lake, he met Grendel's mother and was attacked by Grendel's mother and dragged into it cave.
  • I will kill you to avenge my son!
  • You will not win, evil monster!
  • He tried to pierce Grendel’s mother's skin with a sword, but it didn't work for it. Beowulf had to attack it with his bare hands. However, it was very agile. When it tried to kill Beowulf with a dagger, his armor protected him from attack.
  • You can't beat me!
  • It is my destiny to fight for the people of Hrothgar!
  • Then Beowulf found a huge sword on the wall of the cave. He threw Grendel's mother off and grabbed the sword. Beowulf fiercely used the sword to split Grendel's mother in two and split her collarbone.
  • For victory, for the people, for justice! Accept sanctions, devil!
  • After the fierce battle, a lamp illuminated the cave. Beowulf saw Grendel's body, and he immediately severed the monster's head. The powerful blade was dissolved by Grendel's evil blood. Beowulf noticed that the cave was full of gold, but he eventually took away only Grendel's head and sword hilt.
  • As the guardian of the people, I have completely eliminated this sinful demon. Denmark has finally returned to peace!
  • Beowulf's fellow fighters greeted his arrival. His victory made the people cheer for him. The soldiers returned to the land with Grendel's terrifying head.
  • I defeated the evil Grendel and its mother! The Danish people need not worry about survival!
  • Geats and leader Beowulf moved Grendel's head to Heorot to celebrate the victory. They drank wine with the Danes and the Queen to celebrate Beowulf's victory.
  • Tribute to Beowulf!
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