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Updated: 9/7/2020
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  • Girl, Rachel and Boy, John are seemingly alone in a parking lot stargazing on a date. They are very calm and quiet. There is very dim lighting as it is night and the lights in the parking lot have been turned off. Ominous Romantic music is playing in the background to fit the mood of their date but also to inform the viewer that something is going to happen. This scene is a medium shot of John and Rachel
  • The camera pans out into an extreme long shot to show the whole parking lot so that the viewer will be aware that John and Rachel are not alone but have a mysterious figure in the bushes watching them. The music changes to very intense ominous music to highlight to the viewer that the figure came to do something to the couple other than watching them. Again, all the characters are silent other than a whisper from John and Rachel
  • The camera changes to a close up shot of the figure who was watching the couple. The music changes to eery ominous music and the viewer will be able to hear a soft ruffle in the bushes. The camera will slowly pan down to the next slide.
  • The camera follows down from the last shot and stops at the knife the figure is holding. Piercing music begins to play to emphasise ho sharp the blade really is. This shot is also a close up to express the size of the blade and the figures intent to kill.
  • The camera zooms out to a long shot of the figure who begins walking toward the couple. The piercing music stops playing and is replaced with ominous music so the audience is aware of where it is going and that it is most likely going to stab the couple. Slight footsteps are heard as it is walking on the grass.
  • The camera is now an extreme long shot as the figure stubs its toe on the pole causing a loud bang and all the lights to turn on, startling John and Rachel to scream and jump up and see the figure. There is complete silence after the couple stop screaming. The lighting is now bright but still looks dull to represent that it isn't happy light.
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