Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Urgh, I'm so tired. Let me take a break from my modules first.
  • After hours of accomplishing her modules, Kaye decided to take a break through her Social Media.
  • Kaye opened her YouTube to watch some videos.
  • While scrolling through her feed, a thumbnail piqued her attention.
  • Mygosh! I really thought they were getting married. I felt the adrenaline within me na but then... hayss. Anyways, I'll surely watch their new series!
  • When she read the content title from ABS-CBN Star Cinema YouTube Channel, she jumped out of her cozy couch due to shock.
  • What?!? KathNiel are getting married?!? OMG TEA!
  • She watched the 14 minutes and 15 seconds video.
  • She was quite disappointed because she was victimized by clickbait but nevertheless, she still found the video entertaining.